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Page 13: The Magic of Glass

By David Elliott – bio | email

Stained glass artist Scott Blanda loves creating pieces showing the beauty of glass.

"I enjoy when people see my work because they're in awe," said Blanda as he put together a Fleur de Lis fashioned in glass. "They say, 'Wow, how do you do that?'"

The Fleur de Lis has become a hot item for Blanda following the Saints' Super Bowl victory.

"I'm a Saints fan, and the Fleur de Lis is a great piece" says Blanda, sporting a Saints cap and a Who Dat tee shirt.

Scott learned about the art form from his mother-in-law, Laura Moore. Her stained glass pieces inspired Blanda to discover the magic of glass.

As an artist, Blanda is branching out. He's been experimenting with using stained glass and driftwood to make unique pieces. Scott places pieces of glass into the wood

"The two materials, wood and glass are a great combination," Blanda said.

Blanda is a relative newcomer to the world of stained glass. He made his first piece just a few years ago, and he's a natural.

"I was a welder, and that skill comes in handy when it comes to fitting and soldering the pieces of glass together," said Blanda.

Blanda uses lighthouses, magnolias, dolphins and other images that reflect coastal Mississippi in his stained glass pieces, but he said it's his Fleur de Lis that is getting the most attention after the Saints won the Super Bowl

"I sell a lot of them."

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