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Biloxi woman upset over loss of beloved tree


By Doug Walker – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) – Kay Ferguson arrived at her home Wednesday morning to find her huge pecan tree laying in ruins on her front lawn, the victim of a chainsaw.   

"I couldn't believe it. It just blew me away," Ferguson  said.

A contractor hired by Mississippi Power cut the tree down.  Company engineers claimed nearby power lines were threatened.  But Ferguson said trimming the tree has been the answer in the past.  

"They would always trim in a foot or two, or whatever by my estimation, but they never have once come on my property and certainly never taken a fence down."  

Officials with Mississippi Power expressed concern about the health of the tree saying it may have been damaged or diseased, but Biloxi City Arborist Eric Nolan disagreed.

"I tend to look at them more as a structure than a tree when they're this size, because you want to make sure structurally they are sound first. And structurally, it looks like this was in fine shape," Nolan said. 

Cindy Duvall works for Mississippi Power and met with Ferguson to offer assistance.  She admits mistakes were made, but the search for answers is underway. 

"We are looking at the system and the process to minimize anything like this from happening in the future." Duvall said.  "We don't like this sort of thing to happen. It's not our normal process. We thought the tree was a hazard to the homeowner." 

So where does Ferguson go from here? "

Well, I want my tree back." Ferguson said.  "I have no idea at this point. This happened yesterday and I haven't had time to give it a great deal of thought. I'm still devastated."

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