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Hood says he won't be pressured to sue over healthcare reform


PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Mississippi's Attorney General is in no hurry to file a lawsuit against the federal government over the new health care reform law.

While in South Mississippi Wednesday, Jim Hood told WLOX News he's not going to be pressured by politics.

"If you're going to file a suit against the United States government, you need to be right," Hood said. "You need to know what you'll be filing, you'll be successful at. So we're going take our time, we're not going to let anybody rush us into making some decision."

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour wants the state to join 17 others which have sued or promised to sue the federal government in an attempt to stop President Obama's health care reforms. Barbour said last month, if Hood doesn't file a lawsuit on Mississippi's behalf, he will.

"We're going to make a learned decision. That's what the lawyer's supposed to do. Let's take the emotion and politics out of it and make a decision based on the dry law," Hood said.

A spokesman for Governor Barbour reaffirmed his position telling WLOX News Wednesday, "The Attorney General is welcome to represent the people of Mississippi or the Governor will do that for him."

Louisiana and Alabama have joined the multi state legal effort against the health reform law.  The governors of Arizona and Nevada said Tuesday they intend to join the suit.  The suit claims Congress doesn't have the constitutional right to force people to get health coverage.  It also says the federal government is violating the Constitution by forcing a mandate on the states without providing resources to pay for it.

The main argument in those lawsuits is that President Obama's health reform plan is unconstitutional because it requires people to buy private health insurance.

Last week, three Pine Belt residents also filed a lawsuit challenging the new law. Attorneys Chris McDaniel of Laurel and Doug Lee of Hattiesburg filed suit Friday in Hattiesburg federal court on behalf of those residents.

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