Six Flags New Orleans Gets Ready To Open

About a dozen Pearl River Central High School students dared to take-on Batman. It's the new, looping roller coaster at Six Flags New Orleans. The ride sends them soaring at 50-miles per hour. It's designed to spin, flip and whip riders, as they suspend more than 100-feet in the air.

"I screamed. And I closed my eyes too," Jamie Allen said.

"It was amazing, all those loops and stuff. I was scared out of my mind," Robert James said.

This ride is more than just fun and thrills for the 3,500 students who came to Six Flags Thursday. It's being used as a teaching tool for Math and Science Day at the park.

"Basically, they have a curriculum that they follow. It's just to help them with their math and science skills in terms of physics and G-forces," Six Flags Spokesperson Ann Wills said.

"I learned that there's much more going into the rides than just having a good time. It's lots of science and math, and engineers designing and planning the rides," Robbie Brock said.

"We're learning to take the velocity and the averages of speed, and about zero gravity," Cade McCraney said.

I wanted to experience the zero gravity myself. So, I got strapped in, and hung on for dear life. I was pretty scared during the one minute, 12 second ride, but I'm proud to say I survived the Caped Crusader's fury.

The grand opening ceremony for Six Flags New Orleans, starts at 9:30 a.m. Saturday. The park opens to the public at 10 a.m.