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39 Biloxi teachers lose their jobs


BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Thirty-nine teachers in the Biloxi School District will no longer have jobs next year. Biloxi School Superintendent Dr. Paul Tisdale confirmed the news to WLOX late Tuesday night.

Tisdale has already notified 27 first year teachers and 12 second year teachers that their contracts will not be renewed next year. He said the decision comes as the district is facing a $1.7 million budget short fall, and a drop in enrollment following Hurricane Katrina.

"We feel it's the fair thing to do to notify the teachers early, so they will have the opportunity to take advantage of other jobs that may arise," Dr. Tisdale told WLOX News.

"I anticipate that we will have some teachers who will retire or resign at the end of this school year. That means we may have some vacancies to fill, but right now we are obligated to notify these teachers that we are not in a position to renew their contracts," Dr. Tisdale said in a school district newsletter. 

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