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Biloxi Farmer's Market "like a homecoming"


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BILOXI, MS  (WLOX) - It's a ritual of spring in Biloxi. For the 35th year, the Biloxi Farmer's Market opened Tuesday morning.

Plenty of folks look forward to the opening of the farmer's market each season. You'll find friendly faces, fresh produce and vendors who treat their customers like family.

Vendors peddle their produce beneath the shadow of the I-110. There are fresh vegetables and fruits, flowers and hanging plants, even miniature pecan pies.

"This will be the fourth year I've been out here. And it's getting better," said Charles Osbon.

Osbon peddles the sweet and the spicy:  Fresh cantaloupes and hot boiled peanuts.

"I enjoy being out here with the people. I've got real good customers out here. Good people out here today," he said.

They treat you like family in this tight knit, hometown market place.

"I love it here. All the great foods and plants and people.  It's wonderful," said Mary Cavanaugh.

We found her with several bags full.

"I bought bananas and tomatoes and cucumbers and collard greens. And oranges," said the happy customer.

The Biloxi Farmer's Market has been around for some 35 years. Bill and Margaret David from Benndale, have a part of it for 34 of those years.

"We come the second year it was ever open.  I like the people. They're good people. Friendly," said Bill David.

That's one thing we heard over and over again on this opening day:  Folks here are friendly.

"One head of cabbage.  What kind do you like, the green heads?" said Margaret David, smiling as she waited on another produce customer.

"It's just like family. We've just known people here for so long. And we miss them when we're off and it's just delightful to be back.   It's just like having homecoming," said Margaret David.

The Biloxi Farmer's market is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from six in the morning until four in the afternoon.

It's located just north of Howard Avenue, beneath the I-110 overpass.

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