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Christians in East and West celebrate Easter on same day


By Krystal Allan – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The good news of Christ resurrection, according to the Christian faith, is the same from East to West. But, when Christianity first emerged as a faith, there was some disagreement on when Christians should observe Easter.

"They didn't know if they should have it on the exact day of the resurrection, which wasn't always on a Sunday. There was just a lot of confusion about it. So different places you'd go they'd celebrate Easter on different days," said Father Stephan Close of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church.

Eventually, the discrepancy was narrowed down to two different dates based upon the calendars churches in the East and West follow. Eastern Orthodox churches follows the Julian calendar(introduced by Julius Caesar) while churches in the West follow the Gregorian calendar (introduced by Pope Gregory XIII).

"It just so happens by God's goodness that every so often we have Easter coincidentally and that's this year. It's a tremendous blessing, and it's nice to be doing it in symphony," Father Close said.

Though the dates may differ more often than not, the father said as long as the message and purpose stays the same, Christians from East to West will serve God on one accord.

"What keeps us together is God calls us. God has reached down, come to us and embraced our humanity, sinfulness and embraced our death and conquered it," Father Close said.

The dates usually fall on the same date about every four to seven years. Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church is located at 255 Beauvoir Road in Biloxi.

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