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Father & son in jail after shooting and meth lab discovery

By Danielle Thomas – bio | email

MCHENRY, MS (WLOX) - Stone County deputies say what started with dispute between a father and son, ended with gun fire, the discovery of a meth lab and both men in jail.

The call came in shortly before 10 a.m. at the corner of Old Highway 49 and West McHenry.

"The father shot the son. They had been in an argument, "said Chief Deputy Phyllis Olds. "The father came outside. The son was outside. He shot the son. The son left in a friend's car."

Samuel Wayne Sexton, 57, was arrested for pulling a shotgun on his son, Andrew, and pulling the trigger.

Fearing the younger Sexton was seriously hurt from the bird shot Stone County and Harrison County deputies spent hours canvassing roads. Officers also told area hospitals to be on alert.

"We know he's wounded in the shoulder and possibly the neck and the head area," said Olds.

Around 12:30 Sunday afternoon, deputies said one of Andrew Sexton's friends who had been present at the time of the shooting, was able to reach him by cell phone.

Deputies said Andrew told the friend that his injuries from the bird shot were minor, and he was okay. However, he refused to return to the scene to answer deputies' questions because he is on probation.

Stone County deputies responding to the shooting said they discovered a meth lab.

"We secured the area," said Olds. "Walking around behind the house looking for any blood spatters, we noticed some shake bottles in the garbage can related to meth."

Deputies said Andrew Sexton was located Sunday evening in Harrison County and jailed there for probation violations. Stone County also charged him with possession of hazardous waste because he was living with his father on the property where the meth lab was found.

Deputies say Samuel Wayne Sexton faces drug charges. The charges are possession of hazardous waste product and possession of a controlled substance because deputies found pills in his pocket that he doesn't have a prescription for.

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