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People weigh in on anti-abortion amendment


By Krystal Allan – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - When it comes to defining what a fetus is, some say there's no room for interpretation.

"The minute a fetus is conceived, it's a person, no matter what," said Jennifer Fink of Biloxi.

Others say making the declaration ultimately infringes on people's rights.

"I do believe it's a choice every woman should make for herself," said Tasha Farris of Gautier.

A grassroots group called Personhood Mississippi was behind the push to get the amendment on the ballot. The group exceeded the 86,285 signatures needed to get the issue on the ballot. 

Under this amendment, you would essentially be killing a person by having an abortion. It's something some say should never happen under any circumstances.

"I believe the child has just as much rights as any child that's been born. They were born for a reason, and they're special each and every one of them," said Fink.

While some understand this argument, they say the amendment does not take into account issues people don't see from the outside looking in.

"I don't think they're right, but at the same time, I think it depends on the woman's circumstances. I mean you never know what's going on in that woman's life," said Farris.

Even if voters pass the amendment, it still must go before the legislature. They can offer a competing amendment or accept it as it was passed on the ballot.

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