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Tonya Adams' Winning Project Homefront Essay

Congratulations to Tonya Adams, our March Project Homefront essay winner! Read her winning story below, or click here to enter your own essay. We'll pick one each month to win a family dinner and spa package.

I am a military wife and sister. My husband is a Seabee and my younger brother is in the army.

In January, my brother left for Afghanistan for a year. The next day my husband left for his ten month deployment. Two days later our son turned one. He also missed his birth due to his deployment to Iraq.

This is the third deployment my husband and I have gone through and is the second for my brother. All of these deployments have been within the past three years. This is the first time I've had both of them deployed at the same time, however.

It's been really hard trying to adjust to both of my best friends no longer being a phone call away. I worry about both of them constantly, but I know I have to stay strong and keep things running at home.

I have been very lucky to meet some really great military spouses. They all amaze me with how strong and independent they are while their husbands are away.

I've become active with our battalion's FRG and it has been a great help. We've spent holidays, birthdays and anniversaries worlds apart, but it's taught us to appreciate the days we do have together as a family.

Being a military family you learn to look forward to the small things, like getting a three minute phone call at 2:30 in the morning.

As hard as it is, I love being a military wife and sister. I am so proud of my husband and brother for everything they give up for our country. And, I know they are proud of me for taking care of things here at home.

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