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Ocean Springs alderman: Tear down those slabs


By Doug Walker – bio | email

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Betty Gordon has called Lovers Lane home for years.  Standing on her porch, she has a beautiful view of the back bay. Until she looks a bit closer, and sees an empty, desolate slab directly across the street.  Gordian wants it gone. 

"I certainly would like the area to get cleaned up," Gordon said. "We have been able to do that, but we're left now with slabs and debris and no people. We'd like to get our people back." 

That process may begin on Tuesday if alderman Matt McDonnell gets his way.  

"Now that we're approaching five years, it's time that we start working harder to get the property owners to remove their slabs and get their lots in good shape." McDonnell said.  "Not only is it good for the neighborhood, but hopefully will encourage people to come back and want to rebuild." 

If that does happen, Gordon sees a brighter future ahead.  

"It would break up all of the picnics and late night parties that happen to go on the slabs, one directly across from me."  

It's not just city officials who have concerns about these properties.  The folks who live next door to them are concerned as well.

"I think about it every time I see it and so do people that drive by," Charlie Taylor said.  "It's a constant reminder of that terrible time. 

Taylor said it goes beyond just appearances, it's also a matter of safety and money. 

"It's a mosquito breeding ground, but it's ascetically unpleasing and diminished the value of the adjoining property." 

So, getting rid of the slabs will go a long way in returning to a way of life long treasured by people who live on Lovers Lane. 

If McDonnell's motion is passed by the entire board on Tuesday, property owners would have 60 days to clear the slabs.  If not, city crews would do the work, and then bill the property owner for the costs of the slab removal.

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