Gulfport Neighborhood Celebrates Red, White & Blue

Residents of the Wind Song Subdivision just off of Three Rivers Road in Gulfport are expressing their patriotic spirit. As soon as you turn on to Breezeway Circle you know that the street could just as easily be named Patriots Circle. Drive down the side streets and you'll find even more flags flying.

"I think they are well needed and I like to see them up," said Willie Mae Knox. She proudly flies an American flag in her yard, just like most of her neighbors.

"I think having the flags up is to protect America. protect it, cherish it and appreciate it."

There are so many flags and yellow ribbons in this neighborhood, it seems the patriotic symbols outnumber the houses.

"I just thought it was an awesome display of patriotism after the 9-11 incident, as well as us being at war with Iraq at this time," said resident Cathy Pruitt.

The Windsong Subdivision is one of the highlights of Evelyn Laird's mail route. She says the display delivers an important message.

"It's very inspiring. It really is. It just fills you with pride and I tell a lot of different friends and about it."

Residents say the man who helped set up this display is one of their neighbors - retired veteran Ernie Harvey. They say Harvey not only paid for the flags, but also takes care of them for his neighbors.