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Trieu sentenced to 8 years, Van to 1 year for pill mill operation

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The doctors who illegally distributed hundreds of prescription narcotics at their Family Medical Center were sentenced in a Gulfport courtroom Thursday.

Dr. Thomas Trieu was sentenced to eight years behind bars, Dr. Victoria Van was sentenced to one year. Both will be taken into custody immediately.

Trieu and Van each addressed the court this afternoon, expressing regret and sorrow for their actions. Dr. Thomas Trieu's voice broke at times during the 10 minutes he talked.

"I am so ashamed and sorry for what my actions have caused," Trieu said. "Words cannot describe my feelings. I take responsibility for all my mistakes, I was wrong."

Trieu admitted that he did not perform adequate exams on a lot of patients.

"I have destroyed my practice, which took years to build... I love my family and children, but I have failed them," Trieu said. "I keep asking myself, 'How did I let this happen?'"

Dr. Victoria Van spoke to the court for about five minutes.

"Somehow, somewhere along the way I missed the mark," Van said. "I was not as prudent as I should have been. My actions, or lack there of, have hurt so many people that I care for deeply. I have brought shame to our family. I hurt and disappointed my parents. In the world's view there are consequences and condemnations. From God's view there is something called repentance and redemption."

Steve Phillips has been at federal court all day, and will have more on the sentencing later today on WLOX News and

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