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Woman who lost purse reunited with her heroes

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Here's a follow up on the father and son who returned a backpack filled with cash and credit cards to its rightful owner. Danielle Brewer had a chance to reunite with her heroes Thursday.

You'll recall the story we reported almost two weeks ago, when Brewer wanted to thank the men for returning the bag she lost while boating on the river. Only trouble was, she was so excited to get it back, she forgot their names. After seeing the story on WLOX News, Glenn Camplejohn and his 14-year-old son Dillon tracked her down again.

When she thanked them a second time, they said they were only doing what was right.

"I knew that I needed to return it back," Glenn Camplejohn said. "You know, knowing that if it was mine out there, and all my ID and everything was out there, I would want it returned. These days, you never know what can happen, you know taking your identity and the whole nine yards. So, yeah. I definitely brought it back.

Camplejohn said it was a great lesson for his son. It's also a small miracle they were even able to track Brewer down. She said she had just renewed her driver's license, and updated her new address.

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