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Jackson County's Tucker Road improvements on track

By Patrice Clark – bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) – Jackson County's Tucker Road By all accounts is a dangerous and narrow road in West Jackson County.  It is the main route through the Latimer community.  County Supervisors say it had several dips and an unsafe "S" curve that needs to be fixed.  Now that work has begun.  Supervisors hope it not only will make Tucker Road safer but also  spur development in the area. 

The sight of heavy machinery and the sound of progress could be heard on Tucker Road in Jackson County's Latimer community. 

"It is going to be very much improved," Supervisor Tommy Brodnax said. 

 The major thoroughfare is in Tommy Brodnax 4th district. He says the road has been old and unsafe for years. 

"We had a bad "S" curve here, and several people lost their lives on them, and we had numerous wrecks," Brodnax said about the road. 

Supervisors also want to widen the road because there are so many people who travel on it daily. Before Katrina, about 3,000 people traveled on the road, now it's up to 6,000.  Now, $2.5 million is being spent to alleviate these problems. Construction crews are now smoothing out the road and eliminating this "S" curve.  Also, the mile and half thoroughfare will be expanded to three lanes with a turning lane. 

"It was a single lane road and it was very narrow. We have had trouble with the road due to the heavy loads. It had to be improved." 

Work crews are also digging up dirt to make way for a new bridge with a drainage culvert.   Brodnax says all these upgrades should surely spur new economic and residential development in this area. 

"With the planned and present installation of the sewer system in the north part of the county, we expect a lot more traffic in here. There is going to massive developments in the northern part of the county," Brodnax said. 

The noise and road construction are happening right in front of Eva Waites' home. But she says she doesn't mind because she too sees the benefits of this project. 

"It would take care a lot of traffic going to Ingalls and going to the interstate.  It is going to be nice," Waites said. 

The larger, safer road will be ready for traffic by the end of year. Brodnax says he would like Tucker road to eventually connect to a major highway, so it can be used as an evacuation route for west Jackson County citizens. 

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