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Pet owners need to be responsible

No matter what you think about the arrest of the woman who ran an animal refuge in Harrison County, the seizure of more than 300 dogs and cats brings the problem of pet over-population into clear focus. Too many pet owners simply do not have their animals spayed or neutered.

Many of those puppies and kittens are just left to run wild and reproduce, carrying on the cycle. Others end up dumped along roadsides or at shelters.

Volunteers helped the Humane Society care for the animals from the refuge and find them homes. But this job didn't have to be this large. If pet owners would take responsibility for their animals, there would be far fewer homeless animals and far fewer animals euthanized.

Last year the Humane Society of South Mississippi performed more than 11,000 surgeries that prevented the birth of thousands of unwanted cats and dogs. The Humane Society offers low cost spay and neuter services and of course the many veterinarians in the area can perform the surgery. Having your pets spayed or neutered is the simple, responsible thing for animal lovers to do.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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