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Halter at work on another huge contract


By Doug Walker – bio | email

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Work is steadily progressing on the first of four Fast Missile Crafts for the Egyptian government.  The work is underway in a building specifically designed and built to allow for most of the job to be done in a setting free from the elements. 

Halter employees are proud to be contributing to the global economy.  

"It's very important in that it guarantees us continued work and not just in our government," Structural Supervisor Miles Finley said. "We can expand out worldwide, and Halter is a worldwide company." 

The total value of this Egyptian contract is upwards of $800 million. This latest installment is $165 million, and that means good things for VT Halter Marine.

Eric Richards is the program manager at Halter, overseeing the entire operation inside the shipyard.  It's a big responsibility, and it's about to get even bigger.  

"For Halter Marine, it's a great contract just because of the size of it and amount," Richards aid. "From the employees' standpoint, two words:job security."

That job security will be in place through at least 2013, as the four ships are under construction.  But officials don't plan on stopping there, not when there's a whole world to build ships for. 

"Halter has a rich history of doing government work for other countries," company CEO Bill Skinner said. "We've built for the Bahamas, Venezuela, Argentina, countries like that, and clearly this is a terrific opportunity for us to expand in that market." 

Halter currently employs about 1600 workers, and plans to hire an additional 300 people in the coming months to work on the Egyptian contract.

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