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Dummies drive home the point of seatbelt safety


By Doug Walker – bio | email

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - The lesson began with a warning to the students about what can happen if you get in a crash and don't have your seatbelt on.  What happened next opened the eyes of the large gathering of students.

A special machine simulated a rollover accident.  You could clearly see the body of the dummy being pummeled, because if was not strapped in.  The teenagers' faces showed concern.

"It makes me think about friends that I've lost and friends that I could lose from car crashes and stupid accidents," Logan Zirlott said. 

Another example from the simulator drove the point home further, according to student Bobby Curtis.  

"I thought it was really nice showing what would happen if you get into a car wreck." 

When the dummies were belted in, nothing happened.  That really impressed student Tyler Oates.  

"I knew that people can get thrown out of the car, I've seen videos in drivers ed, and so I always wear my seatbelt." 

And there was one more example of the consequences of not wearing a seatbelt: a body bag on display for all to see. 

Sgt. Calvin Robertson said actions like Friday's demonstration speak louder than any words that come from an adult. 

"It's more of an impact that explains it to them a lot better the importance of a seatbelt and being restrained properly and wearing the seatbelt right will keep you in the vehicle in the event the vehicle does roll over." 

And if the reaction from the students was any indication, they each received an A in Friday's class.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation travels throughout the state with the rollover demonstration.  Officials say it's especially important this time of year with many teens out on spring break, or attending proms.

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