Drive By Shooting Stumps Investigators

The shooting that killed Toan Tran and Truong Nguyen, both of St. Martin, happened around two Saturday morning near the Taco Bell and the old K-Mart in D'Iberville. Deputies admit this is a tough case with very little to work with.

In the Nguyen home in St. Martin, an altar is set up as a shrine to 16-year old Truong Nguyen. Outside, black and white flags fly in mourning, another Vietnamese custom to remember the loss of a loved one.  Linda Nguyen, Truoug's sister says, "We really don't know what's goin' on at the moment. We just think they were at the wrong time when this all happened."

Sheriff's investigators say witnesses heard gunshots near the D'Iberville Taco Bell early Saturday morning, but no one saw anything. A third person who was in the same car as the two teens drove them to the hospital, but investigators say that person isn't giving them much to go on. "Detectives have talked to him extensively and we haven't got any information that will help us out," says Harrison County Sheriff's Captain Lou Bissonnette.

Linda thinks the shooting may be gang related because she says some of her brother's friends were gang members. "I'm not sure if he was in it or just one of the friends that hangs around with it. He don't really tell us much."  But sheriff's investigators say they don't know if gangs were involved in the shootings. "We can't say that. We cannot discount that but we just don't have a anything to substantiate that at this point. We don't have anything to go on at this point and that's why we're lookin' for help to help us solve this case," says Bissonnette.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Department and the Biloxi Police Department are checking their files to see if those agencies have similar cases that could help Harrison County investigators solve this case. Meanwhile the sheriff's department is looking for a small dark blue or black four door sedan that could have been involved in the shooting.  If you have any information on the shootings, please call the Harrison County Sheriff's Department at 865-7060.

Meanwhile Truong's family says he died too young. "He was a nice guy. He kept quiet to himself. He don't cause no trouble in the house. He don't talk to his parents. He was good boy," says his sister.