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Honest family renews Biloxi woman's faith in South MS


By Danielle Thomas – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A gesture of kindness has renewed a Biloxi woman's faith in the goodness of the people of South Mississippi.

Danielle Brewer said when her bag and everything in it fell overboard during a boat ride earlier this month, she thought she'd never see those things again. But a week later, there was a knock at the door. 

Brewer and her father planned to take her boat out for a relaxing fishing trip. But all that changed when they realized the backpack she'd brought along was no longer onboard.

"I asked my dad to put my truck keys in the bag and he's like ,'I think we need to turn around,'" Brewer remembered.

The Biloxi Back Bay waters had already swallowed Brewer's bag, and she worried it would turn up in the wrong hands.

"I had my wallet in there. I had my driver's license and Disney passes. A lot of money, cash, gift cards," she said. "I had a social security card and all of my identification information. So I was scared someone would find it and so worried about identity fraud."

A week later, Brewer was surprised to see a man and his teenage son standing at her door.

"They rang the doorbell and asked if I was Danielle Brewer. I said, 'Yes, I am.' He said, 'I think we have something that belongs to you.' He reached out his hand and handed me my driver's license. Then I realized he must have found my bag."

The man and his son returned the bag and returned everything in it. She says the two must have gone through a lot of trouble to get her bag back to her since her newly built home does not register on GPS

"I just wanted to say thank you again to these two wonderful, Southern gentlemen, both the father and the son, because it was so wonderful what they did," she said. "It renewed my faith in people. When they returned this to me, it just reminded me of how good the people of the Mississippi Gulf Coast are. It just made me happy that I am back here, back in my hometown and I've chosen here to live. "

Danielle Brewer said the man and his son told her their names, but in her excitement she forgot. She is asking that they call her law office in D'Iberville at (228) 392-3799.

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