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Biloxi council takes no action on cost-cutting proposals


By Jeff Lawson – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The Biloxi City Council at its meeting Tuesday did not take any action on two controversial cost cutting measures. The council tabled a proposal from the Holloway Administration to reduce longevity pay, and decided to hold a workshop on a suggestion that employees start paying for some of their health insurance costs.

The lack of action on the council's part did not sit well with the mayor.

"I am disappointed," Holloway said. " I thought they should have taken some action, either vote it up or vote it down."

Council President Bill Stallworth said they won't take a vote until council members have a lot more information. That's why Stallworth said they will hold a workshop on an undetermined date.

Stallworth also pointed out that making employees pay for part of their health insurance is a major financial blow to a lot of city employees. He hopes the city can avoid taking that step.

Under the current proposal, single employees would pay $100 a month, while married employees would pay $200 a month.

The mayor told the council that the city is spending more than it is taking in, so something has to be done. Otherwise, he said, the city could eventually run out of money. That's a scenario no one wants to see, but how to avoid it is a matter of opinion right now.

Holloway believes cost cutting is necessary, while Stallworth wants the city to look at ways to generate revenue and stop focusing on cuts.

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