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Future scientists show off creations at Region VI Science Fair


By Trang Pham-Bui – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) – Future scientists, engineers, and inventors showed off their creations in Biloxi Tuesday.  They also fielded some tough questions from the judges.

"Surface tension is the cohesion of water molecules to each other to form a film," a student explained to a judge.

About 750 Science and Engineering projects lined the Coast Coliseum Convention Center in Biloxi Tuesday.  The projects ranged from strange-looking gadgets, to sweaty socks that helped explain why your feet emit odors. 

Some answered age-old questions like "Can Fruit or Vegetables Generate Electricity?"  According to third grader Courtney Fernandez, the answer is 'yes,' especially apples.

"I hooked them up to here with copper and steel and see if they have any electric charge," said Courtney. 

Other projects were inventions, like a robot made from LEGOS, batteries, and a lot of imagination.

"I built a robot and programmed it to do certain tasks," said sixth grader Christopher Diaz.  "And it picks up keys.  I used a laptop and it came with a disc with a programming format."

And if you've ever wondered if the product Beano really works, wonder no more. Fourth grader Eli Dykes put the product to the test.

"Actually, my parents ate beans for eight days every other day, four days with red beans and four days with white beans," Eli explained.

That's why the title of his project is "Beans, Beans, The Musical Fruit."

"My parents recorded the number of events of flatulence they had," he said.

Oh, what lengths parents will go to, all in the name of science.

For many students, the competition was an eye-opening experience.  For instance, fourth grader Ann Couch wanted to know which animals are most likely to end up in a shelter.

"It surprised me how many dogs and cats and horses they had in animal shelters. It makes me really sad how people would do that to them.  I want to change the laws," said Ann.

"I hope they see a sense of competition, also a sense of what other people are doing, so they can get a feeling of what is interesting in science," said Fair Director David Sliman.  "They look at the other projects and say, 'That's interesting. I may want to pursue that in a career.'"

Winners from the Region VI competition will move on to the State Science Fair in Jackson on March 30.  And two students will be chosen for the International Fair in San Jose, CA, in May. Click here to see a complete list of the winners.

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