Local Casino Displays Support For Troops

One local casino is doing its part to pay tribute to our troops.

Beginning Monday, the Isle of Capri Casino will recognize its employees who are fighting in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

A bulletin board will be filled with photos of the troops, along with photos of their family and friends.

Casino officials say they simply wanted to do something to show their support.

"All of our thoughts and wishes are with the troops as they are over there defending the United States,and we want to do what we can to help them and to recognize our team members who are there, their relatives, their friends, and all of the people that are over there serving the country and doing what they need to do," said Isle of Capri Marketing Manager Rich Westfall.

The casino will also collect items from employees, like razors, sunblock, and other necessities, which will be sent over to the troops in the Middle East.