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Will health care reform result in too many patients?

Dr. Francis Selman and Beverly Squibb Dr. Francis Selman and Beverly Squibb

By Doug Walker – bio | email

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - Outside the D'Iberville Free Clinic, all is normal.  Inside it's a different story.  Rooms that are usually filled with medical equipment are filled with power tools instead.  Volunteers are working to reopen the clinic next week. 

The clinic serves dozens of people every week, no questions asked. Dr. Francis Selman said passage of the health care bill may mean even more patients. 

"I think there's going to be a need for the free clinics that's going to be generated by this health plan," Selman said.   

In speaking with the experts who dole out medical care, one main concern about the health care reform bill that has been passed is that there may be too many patients, too many conditions and not enough doctors. 

Clinic Director Beverly Squibb said an additional 32 million Americans with health insurance could lead to chaos.

"They come in here with bronchitis, different conditions and they tell us, 'I can't get an appointment for three or four weeks.' And they have insurance and can pay,"  Squibb said.  "What's going to happen when this national health care hits and everybody has insurance? Where are they going to go? The doctors are already stressed and overloaded now." 

Randy Schuler is a patient at the clinic who suffers from Epilepsy. He said despite whatever flaws are in the bill, he's glad it passed.  

"I have a lot of medical problems that I have put off, and I think that this bill will help, maybe, get me back in shape where I can live a normal life and just get back to living like I should." 

Squibb said that's the part of the bill that pleases her most.  

"Yes, there's great parts in it for the ones with predisposed illnesses and those not being able to get health care. Those are great parts of the bill."

Squibb said the bill also sets aside grant money for the operation of free clinics like the one in D'Iberville.

The clinic has been closed for the past few weeks while relocating behind the fire station on Big Ridge Road. It will reopen again this coming Monday morning at 9am.   Anyone who comes in receives treatment and medicine, no questions asked.

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