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Classic horsepower on display in Pascagoula


By Sylvia Hall – bio | email

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Car lovers from across the south are taking a trip back in time this weekend.  More than 100 classic cars are in Pascagoula for the Singing River Street Rod Association's 31st annual Rod Run.

If the sounds of the street rods don't get your attention, the sights surely will.  Walking among the vibrantly colored, impeccably maintained cars parked at Pascagoula's La Font Inn is like taking a trip back in time.  This weekend, the inn's parking lot holds decades of treasures, from ‘55 Chevys to Volkswagons, and from sleek Mustangs and Model-T Fords.    

"We have cars coming in from Louisiana, Florida, Georgia," said the Association's president, Johnny Jones.  "One hundred and forty to one hundred and seventy cars; [it's] just a big time event for a lot of families coming out to look at the old cars."

"It's an addiction," said Linda Boudreaux who is participating.  "We have 13 cars right now," added her husband Mike.  "We just love them."

Car lovers said the annual Rod Run is a chance to see old friends and share their classics with each other.  They said each car is a labor of love and completely unique, from the model to the paint to the mechanics under the hood.

"You'll see some that's got really hot hopped up motors," said Jones.  "And some of them just like the day- really better than the day they rolled off the showroom floor because they've been really meticulously taken back and restored."

When asked how much time he spent maintaining, preparing and updating his cars, participant Willie Lepine's answer was short.

"A lot," Lepine said.  "A lot of time.  I don't think anybody can put the time to it.  It's the enjoyment of it all."

Participants get to vote on the cars, but no strict rules apply when it comes to handing out awards.

"That's what makes street rodding so neat," said Jones.  "You've got the old rat rides that aren't really finished out, but that's a style.  Or you take a 1955 Chevrolet like that that's done absolutely beautiful so it's just a street rod.  It's just whatever a guy can do with his hands and craft."

The event is in its 31st year, and has been bringing back participants over and over again.

"I would not miss it," said Lepine.  "Be back next year."

"As long as we're both around, I know we're going to keep on coming," said Mike Boudreaux.

The event lasts through the weekend, and will wrap up Sunday around noon.

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