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Biloxi Indian hurdlers aim high

Biloxi Indian hurdlers aim high

By A.J. Giardina – bio | email


BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Biloxi boys track and field coach Michael Reese is confident his Indians can make some noise in the 6A ranks.

Reese says his two top hurdlers, Dejuan White and Drew Hopkins have the talent to vie for Division titles and with practice and dedication, the two can make an impact down the road in South State and the State meet.@

Reese said, "Technique without a doubt. It takes a lot of speed and of course it takes a lot of practice. These guys have to work on these hurdles at least 30 to 45 minutes everyday and their speed work as well which is also important for them to get through the hurdles and get a good time."@

Drew Hopkins transferred from D'Iberville high school. Hopkins has a personal best of 15 flat in the hurdles. He believes he can do better than that.... thanks to coach Reese.

Drew Hopkins said,"He pushes me everyday. Run extra everyday make sure I do everything right. Help me on my form. Tells me to work on my running form and hurdles form."@

Hopkins has set a couple of personal goals.

Hopkins stated, "My goal personally is to go to South State and State. I would like to win first place, I would like to and try my hardest to do that."

Dejuan White is presently running the hurdles in 15.5, 15.6 seconds. He knows to become a state contender he must improve and it begins with fine tuning his technique.

Dejuan White said, "Coming off the blocks as fast as possible. You also have to get real low to the hurdle and when you step over just try to get a big speed burst between each one."

White says practicing with Drew Hopkins everyday will make both of them better, giving Biloxi a one-two punch in the hurdles.


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