Former Students Aim To Save Alma Mater

About thirty people gathered at the Pascagoula Library to continue to toss out ideas on how to save their old alma mater.

Since their initial meeting in March, they've had a little progress, including welcoming the expertise of Carl Germany, an architect who has worked on similar local projects and has similar sentiments on saving this piece of Pascagoula history.

"All these folks that are here have memories of that building, like I have memories of walking past it. You know I think it's a good looking building and I'd hate to see it torn down just so you could put up another new building," said Germany.

After the new Pascagoula High School was completed, the old building went up for sale in 1998. In 2001, the building continued to sit idle, and the school board decided to change realtors, hoping to step up marketing for the 7 acre facility.

But the clock is ticking. Rumor has it that the building may be demolished by the end of this summer.

And so this group is attempting to come up with a feasible plan to present to the school board soon.

"The idea about the county taking it - that's just an idea. You know, whether it be the city or anybody else to have offices in there but it needs to be in my opinion owned by a municipality or some governmental body just for the grant purposes," said Germany.

"The auditorium is 760 or some odd seat auditorium which could be used as an auditorium or performing arts, for meetings, even for movies or something along those lines. It's a very nice auditorium and it's in excellent shape," said committee member Bruce Parker.

Many new ideas to preserve a old piece of history - a history that even a wrecking ball will not erase.

The "Save the Old Pascagoula High" group plans to meet on a monthly basis. If you would like to help or just want more information, you can call Beau Foutz at 769-2884.