Bayou View Elementary Hosts Yellow Ribbon Day

The song "God Bless America" filled the air Thursday morning. Teachers, students and parents sang their hearts out, and proudly wore their red, white and blue. Teacher Jennifer Cole said "It makes us feel just great and so proud to be an American".

Yellow Ribbon Day gave Bayou View Elementary a chance to thank our troops. Mayor Ken Combs said "I appreciate seeing all the flags, I appreciate the yellow ribbons, and I certainly appreciate your loved ones who are over there fighting for our freedom".

The ceremony also recognized children whose moms and dads are serving somewhere overseas. Kindergartner Alicia Williams said "My dad is in military. He's at work. He's gone where there's a lot of sand".

Each child received a stuffed animal and a message that there are people here who care about them. Teacher Jo Ann Blount said "We just wanted them to take something home and feel snuggly and snuggle up to and feel that when I come to school in the morning, all these people love me and they're going to be here for me".

Fourth Grader O'Neal Keaton hugged his fuzzy puppy and said "It really made me feel happy, because this will be my new friend while my dad's gone".

As the children reached for yellow ribbons and tied them to trees, they showed that they are united and ready to support each other during this very difficult time.

School Counselor Joyce Hollins said "It warms my heart and it brings tears to my eyes.  It makes me very proud to be an American citizen".

Thursday's patriotic program also kicked off the "We Care Collection". Bayou View Elementary is collecting toiletries and other supplies to send to a local group of Seabees, stationed in Kuwait.