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MGCCC art students ready to unveil newest Stone Co. mosaic


By Bobby Allen - email

STONE COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Art students from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College are busy this week piecing together history in Stone County,

The students are finishing a mural depicting the logging industry's role in developing the area. It's called Timber Tough and will go on the back of the mosaic already up depicting Wiggins pickle factory. Both are scenes dating back to the 1920s and 30s.

"I think it's circa 1920," Elizabeth Veglia said. "Mules to move the lumber, three people working out here. The logs are so incredibly heavy."

Artist Elizabeth Veglia designed all of the mosaics in the park. This one is based on a postcard. The art students get a real life lesson by working along side the artist from the very beginning through the end.

"Very long process," MGCCC art student David Barlahan said, "but it's nice to know that this is going to go and be in a park somewhere."

For the students, the process teaches them not only a lesson in design, but also vision.

"At a distance, all the colors will kind of blend together and stand out and create what is called optical color blending," MGCCC art student Chloe Davis explained. "It's where two colors, side by side from a distance, create a whole new color."

This mosaic is the fourth in a series of six for the park. In addition to the pickle factory and this timber mosaic, the other images include Long Leaf and the Red Creek Flora and Fauna.

"We feel that like each piece is getting a little bit stronger, better each year," MGCCC Visual Arts Instructor Sandra Cassibry said.

The Timber Tough mosaic will go up on Thursday when the students and artist gather for what they are calling a grout party and picnic.

Besides the mosaics in Blaylock Park, there are 12 other murals around Stone County depicting the history of the community. The murals are part of a partnership between the college, the artist, the county, the Arts Council and the Telling Trees project.

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