D'Iberville Holds Prayer Rally For Troops

Nearly two hundred people gathered to pray for and to support our American troops in the parking lot of the D'Iberville Civic Center.

Military veterans, policemen and firefighters proudly stood shoulder to shoulder with other citizens to honor our service men and women through song, prayer and recognition.

"A lot of us have been talking around town in coffee shops and wanting to know what we can do as citizens of the United States and we feel a pride in our community and pride in our country," said D'Iberville mayor Rusty Quave.

Eric Lightner shows his support by signing a banner that will hopefully lift the spirit of at least one troop overseas.

"I love my country and I appreciate what our troops are doing for us very, very much," said Lightner.

Tech Sergeant Tina Robinson says ever since her high school days, she has had the goal to serve her country. She believes rallies like this are more important than we may think...

"At a time like this it really makes us proud and makes us meant to go out there and protect our country. People are appreciating what we do, what we stand for and it means a lot," said Robinson.

"We see so much harshness for what we do, but our cause is a glorious cause because the freedoms that we have," said rally organizer Staff Sergeant Alex Boyland.

And it is for these freedoms that the these Americans say thanks to the troops for their service.

The rally was sponsored by the City of D'Iberville, the D'Iberville Veterans Memorial Park, and the D'Iberville/St. Martin Chamber of Commerce.