Biloxi Pulls Plug On Condos

The developers of Sea Breeze say they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars meeting all the requirements for their 19-story condo tower. They submitted the paperwork to the city two weeks before their March 4th deadline. But the project's attorney thinks the city council was concerned that it wasn't until March 7th when all the department heads signed off on the high rise.

"It's not our fault that the city planning didn't get all the signatures required by our deadline. We couldn't influence that, we turned 'em in. That's where I really think we've been treated unfairly and I think some court's gonna feel that way too," attorney Britt Singletary said.

Singletary says city minutes were incorrect regarding the time allowed to gather the proper permits. Because of the error, the city council voted to pull the plug on the condos. But the attorney says there may be a different motive.

"I see it as a ruse and so we're tryin' to get behind it to find out... is there some political intrigue goin' on here, is Keesler behind this in some way. I mean we will get to it," Singletary said.

The project's coordinator says he's worried about the permits after commiting so much money to make sure everything was done right.

"I'm not gonna speculate what the underlying reason is but we feel like we have a valid permit now. We wanna meet with the city and see if we can't come to some type of agreement to work this out," Mike Boudreaux said.

Boudreaux said he hopes that happens because he says the Sea Breeze will be a beautiful addition to Biloxi.

Singletary said he will ask Mayor A.J. Holloway to veto the council's vote on the Sea Breeze Condos. The mayor told us Wednesday afternoon he will consider the council's resolution and do what's in the city's best interest.

A spokesperson at Keesler Air Force Base said "Keesler has nothing to do with this project and no one from the base has even discussed it with city officials."