Jackson County Students Learn To "Kick Butts"

The St. Martin High School cafeteria turns into a mock courtroom. The suspect is Seymour Butts. He is on trial for murdering millions of people everyday.

The defense attorney asked Seymour "Do you think the charges brought against you are fair"? Seymour responded "No, I do not, because I'm an honest man trying to make an honest living".

Mr. Butts thinks he's cool, but all the evidence shows he's a killer. A prosecutor points to a picture of a healthy lung, compared to a diseased one. She said "This one is just the right color. This one's brown, caused by tar from cigarettes".

Tenth Grader Saybhr Caillavet knows all too well the dangers of smoking. She lost her grandmother last year to cancer and emphysema.

Saybhr Caillavet tearfully said "Just going through that experience, it scared me so bad that I never, never wanted to pick up a cigarette. And looking at all these pictures, it's horrible. Nobody wants to look like that. Nobody wants to live like that".

Dozens of other students are also pledging to be tobacco-free. Tenth Grader Holly DeMarco said "Smoking can kill you and people should realize how dangerous it is for them. That's why I signed the poster".

Organizers hope the "Kick Butts" campaign will get the message across to students. Teacher Charlotte Snell said "We want them to not smoke at all. And if they do, to please stop today, and never take it up again".

And if they win the battle against tobacco, the only who gets burned is Seymour Butts.

The St. Martin High "Frontline" Club hosted Wednesday's program. On Friday, students from across South Mississippi will take part in an anti-tobacco rally. It starts at 9 A-M at the Coast Coliseum.