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Fire stations going up in Bay St. Louis

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BAY ST LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Right now, Bay St. Louis parks its fire trucks in the old Coast Electric Power Maintenance barn on Turner Street.

It's no fire station, but like so many others since Katrina, firefighters have been making due.

Bay St. Louis Mayor Les Fillingame said, "It's been a long time since our fire department had really decent accommodations. But since the hurricane, they've really just been placed when ever and where ever we could put them."

"They've been in a trailer a double- wide trailer which was even a step up from what they were in before," Bay St. Louis Fire Department Chief Fred Butts said. 

The days of making do are just about over. The new, Fire Station Number 1 on Main Street should be finished in about a week.

"And they are showing signs of being able to make that deadline. They're doing a lot of dressing work on the outside putting little finishing work on the inside we're very close to completion," Fillingame said. "You talk about a department that's going to be moving from the out-house to the penthouse, that's our fire department."

Butts said, "This will be the first time the city has had a station built as a fire station. It's just always kind of been a make do building some where before."

A few miles away on Highway 603 another fire station is under construction. A $2 Million station will primarily serve the newly annexed area of the city.

"Even though it started five months after Fire Station Number One on Main Street started, it will probably be completed just a couple of months after," Fillingame said.

Mayor Fillingame said better equipment and accommodations for firefighters can lead to lower fire insurance rates for the community.

Although the building is expected to be finished next week, the Fire Department won't move into the building until sometime in April.

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