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PRCC dedicates dorms to two long time supporters


By Al Showers – bio | email

POPLARVILLE, MS (WLOX) - It's an honor few will ever see. But if you listen to the many contributions 101-year-old Earlora Holden has made to Pearl River Community College, you can see why she deserves it.

"Miss Holden began her career at Pearl River in 1949 when she enrolled as a student and graduated with special honors in 1951," Ann Morris with Pearl River Community College said. "In 1953, she joined the faculty of Pearl River teaching business. She served as Chairman of the Business Department for 22 years."

Holden was also in charge of the campus cheerleading squad for many years.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart," Holden said. "This gift of naming the residence dorm with my name."

Morris said, "The college is to be commended for honoring two such women who have meant so much to the college in its first 100 years."

The other honoree was the late Kathryn Moody. She died two years ago at the age of 92.

"What would she think about all of this?" PRCC instructor Dr. John Grant asked. "Well, I know she'd be deeply thankful. But at the same time, I think she'd probably laugh and say somebody else is more deserving than she was."

She too loved and worked tirelessly for the college.

"She and her family have established a scholarship fund. She served on the museum board. But the greatest contributions she made to this institution were, I think she'd agree with this, were made during her 10 years of services as trustee, the first female trustee the college ever had," Grant said.  

"They actually have helped breathe spirit and life into the college with all that they have done," said PRCC President Dr. William Lewis said.

Their years of service to PRCC will now be remembered forever. Dr. Lewis told the crowd that even after the women retired, they continued to serve and stayed involved with the college.

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