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Students tested their knowledge at Mississippi History

By Jessica Bowman – email

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Kids joined together to test their knowledge about the history of Mississippi on Saturday. The first Mississippi Madness 4th Grade Quiz Bowl was held at Magnolia Park Elementary in Ocean Springs. As knowledge was put to the test there was also a little bit of learning involved.

Ashton Bliss said, "Jim Hensen and BB King, oh and William Grant."

Names such as these are all found in Mississippi History books, and to some, that was a surprise. 

"It started in Mississippi, so it's pretty cool that famous people are from my state," said Ashton Bliss.

As buzzers sounded, students continued to fight for the winning points.

Fourth grade teacher Jessica Castleman Ginn said, "They are competing as a four person team, and they are answering toss up questions based on Mississippi, very similar to a Jeopardy game."

Ginn started the educational game with two of her co-workers.

"Over time, we noticed that fourth graders, their course of study was Mississippi History and with there being less time for history in the classroom, we knew that we had to come up with some type of solution," said Ginn.

More than 40 students who participated in the quiz bowl pretty much all agree on one thing.

Darien Robison said, "I want to win!"

"It's been very competitive. There's been some very intense matches and some very simple matches, but over all I'd say everybody wants to win," said Ashton Bliss.

A round consisted of two halves with toss up questions. Each half had 20 questions or 20 minutes, which ever came first.

The quiz bowl was a double elimination tournament. Five Jackson County elementary schools participated in the event and included; Magnolia Park, College Park, Arlington Heights, Beach and Gautier Elementary.

First place went to College Park Elementary.

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