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Gulfport Superintendent Worried About School Finances

By Jeff Lawson – bio | email

GULFORT, MS. (WLOX) - The superintendent of schools in Gulfport is worried about what the future may hold for his school district. Due to dwindling revenues, money coming to the local school districts from our state government is down.

Glen East said because of that, his school district is looking at some pretty severe cuts this next school year.

"We are anticipating cutting our budget by 12 percent," East said.

When your budget is about $65 Million a year, 12 percent is a lot of money, in Gulfport's case, about $8 Million. So, how does the district cut cost by $8 Million?

As has been the case since Katrina, some teachers who voluntarily leave, will not be replaced. Many non teaching employees will also be facing a five day unpaid furlough. That includes everyone from the superintendent, to administrators, custodians and office staff. They also plan to shut the district down for nearly two weeks at the end of June and first week of July.

The superintendent said their priority always has been and always will be, educating children. He emphasizes Gulfport schools will do whatever they can to save money, without affecting the quality of education. One thing East does not anticipate doing, is letting any teachers go, although he has no idea what may happen in the next few years.

East knows he is not alone in finding ways to cut costs, every school district in the state finds itself in a similar bind. He ended our interview by thanking all the district employees for their hard work in these difficult times. 

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