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Moss Point's Sue Ellen Center to be renovated

By Doug Walker – bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Outside the Sue Ellen Center in Moss Point, the scars left behind by Hurricane Katrina are still visible. But inside, the picture is much worse. 

The roof was ripped off by hurricane winds, insulation covers the floor, and mold is crawling up the walls, but change is coming. Work is underway to transform the center back into the recreational jewel it once was.

Donna Joseph heads up the city's recreation department.  She got her marching orders from those not old enough to vote yet.

"I think that the children have been depending on us to just get it open and we're looking to have it open this summer.   

Across the street from the center, neighbor Ella Sprur can hardly wait. 

"It would be very nice I tell you, it will be very nice," Sprur said.

The Moss Point alderman who serves this area of town made it a campaign promise to get Sue Ellen back up and running again, not only for the kids, but for the entire community. 

"This is one of our premiere buildings that we have for our kids to come and have fun and enjoy people," Robert Byrd, Junior said.

And once the center is cleaned up and repaired, there will be plenty to do, according to Joseph.

"After school programs, summer programs, lots of activities. And, of course, basketball, which has always been a favorite in this facility," Joseph said. 

That means after a half decade, children and teens can live out their hoop dreams once again and light up the scoreboard at Sue Ellen. 

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