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Gulfport PD: Thief impersonates water worker to break into homes

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Gulfport police sent out this warning on Friday. Older residents of the city's Bayou View neighborhood appear to be the targets of a burglary ring.  

Somebody is impersonating a water worker, entering homes and stealing family valuables.

Gulfport police have three different burglary cases that are unresolved.  And they're all very similar.  In each instance, a dark skinned man walks up to a home and says he has to test the water inside for safety reasons. Moments later, investigators say the man takes off in an newer model pick up truck with items he stole from the residence.

"It's very concerning," said Gulfport Deputy Chief Leonard Papania.

The officer said the suspect isn't wearing a uniform.  He just pretends to be associated with a company doing water work. All three burglaries were near Bayou View. And according to Papania, water line work was taking place near the crime scenes.

Papania reminds residents that city workers have identification.  If you're unsure who's at your door, you should contact Gulfport Police immediately.  That number is (228) 896-5959.

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