Pregnant Seabee Wife Missing Husband

Tosha Wolmsley of Long Beach will have a baby Tuesday, and like any Mom, it will be a happy time. But for Tosha it will also be a bittersweet occasion.

That's because on January 16th, Tosha had to say goodbye to her Seabee husband Carl, as he headed for the Persian Gulf. That means, when Kylee Renee Walsmely comes into this world, her Dad will be in the midst of a war, thousands of miles from home.

"It is kind of a little nerve wracking... to go through this without my husband," Tosha told WLOX's Jeff Lawson.

Tosha has no family in the area. She says friends have helped in so many ways, but still it has been difficult.

"Whenever I am by myself, it gets really hard. When I actually sit down and think about it, it kind of hits me, " Tosha said.

Tosha's soon to be four year old son misses his Dad, and doesn't understand why he's not home. Part of what makes this ordeal so difficult, is the unknown. According to Tosha, the letters have been few.

''The last letter I received was March 17th, and it makes it really hard. I don't know where he is or how he is doing," she said.

Like many Americans, Tosha has been watching the war coverage on tv. She worries about the possibility it could be her husband, who comes back in a flag draped casket.

"It does, I wonder what we will do, because I don't want his daughter growing up never knowing her father," she said.

Carl is supposed to come home in the fall. When he does it will be a glorious day, because he will be greeted by an infant daughter he will be seeing for the first time. In the meantime, his wife Tosha plans on doing a lot of praying for his safe return as well as all of our troops.