Teddy Bears Comfort Military Kids

Coast radio listeners are doing their part to support the children who have parents deployed.

Clear Channel Radio is sponsoring a "Teddy Bear Support Squad". The idea is to collect new teddy bears and donate them to kids whose military moms or dads are overseas with the war.

"We brought some Care Bears and some teddy bears," said Rose Eagar, as she unloaded a bag of stuffed animals.

She heard the appeal on the radio and was happy to help. Her bears joined dozens of others on the K-99 FM table outside the Gulfport Wal Mart.

"I think we need to support our troops. And my son in law is in the Army. So it hits home. And my grand baby is, you know, that's one reason we came and brought the teddy bears," said Eagar.

The cuddly bears will bring smiles and comfort to the kids here at home, while their military moms and dads are doing their part for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Kip Gregory is program director for K-99 FM Radio.

"We are here for our military that supports us. So many of our Seabees are overseas right now. A lot from Keesler as well. We want to make sure that the parents know that their kids are being taken care of back at home," explained Gregory.

Listeners who brought the bears got yellow ribbons and signed banners of support that will be forwarded to the troops.

"I love it. I just think it's great. Everybody needs some support," said Mary Scaggs, after dropping off some bears.

Anthony Moore made good on his promise to buy a new teddy bear during his visit to the D'Iberville Wal Mart. He says while there may be mixed feelings about war, support for our troops should be an easy decision.

"If it's something for their family, I'd do anything for them. And I feel if they're doing this for us, we should do something for them. And I'm real glad to see Magic 93.7 is doing something for the guys over there," Moore said.

The Teddy Bear Squad is doing something for them, by bringing their children some smiles here at home.

The radio stations got the idea from a Biloxi teacher who's involved in a similar project called "Brave Bear".