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The Bay spilt on who to root on to victory

By Al Showers – bio | email

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Bay High and St. Stanislaus both have deep roots in the community. The crosstown rivals going head to head for the State 4A Basketball title, puts some people, especially business owners, in a tough spot.

"'Cause it's kind of hard to pull for either team out right for the simple reason I don't want to lose business either way," business owner Gary Catalano said. "I'm glad for both teams and all the players and the coaches and especially for the community."

Bay St. Louis City Councilman Jeffrey Reed said choosing sides is a no brainier for him.

"This is the boys first time there since, I think, 1959. And then to have two teams in the same city, small a city as we are, it's just unprecedented," said Reed. "So, although I'll be rooting for Bay High, one way or another the gold ball is coming back to Bay St. Louis."

Reed said he has to support his alma mater, though he has close ties to St. Stanislaus.

"My grandfather worked for St. Stanislaus for 33 years. I was actually born inside of St. Stanislaus stadium," Reed said. "In a way, it is a pull one way or another, but I'm kind of bias toward Bay High just because I'm an alumni there. But I'm wishing both of them luck."

Former Bay St. Louis Mayor Eddie Favre's pride is apparent, but he knows exactly where his allegiance will be.

"When you look at the number of teams throughout the whole state and realize that only two made it and both of them are from here, that in itself is quite an honor," Favre said. "My heart has got to go with Stanislaus. I graduated from Stanislaus in '72, and that's where the heart is."

The city's current Mayor Les Fillingame faces a dilemma.

Fillingame said, "I graduated from Bay High, so I've always been partial to Bay High. My son graduated from Stanislaus, so that puts Stanislaus into the family fold. So it's a tough one. The way I look at it, it's a no lose situation for Bay St. Louis."

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