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Go Bay St. Louis Go

The city of Bay St. Louis is still one of Mississippi's hidden gems. If it's rebuilt the way city leaders envision, its quaint downtown shopping district along the banks of the Mississippi Sound will once again become a championship caliber destination.

I used the phrase championship caliber, because that's what the Bay is celebrating this week, its championship caliber basketball teams. Bay High and St. Stanislaus have both reached the boys basketball title game.

How ironic, that two high schools from the same small hurricane battered city,  two schools that dealt with their share of heartache after Katrina, must battle each other to claim the coveted gold ball. Their rise to the 4-A title game speaks volumes about the character of their players, their coaches, their families, and their community.

Nobody in the Bay has ever given up. Everybody who lives there, and everybody who does business there, aspires to be great. Their championship caliber high school basketball teams epitomize the heart and the soul of the Bay St. Louis community.

Congratulations to Bay High and St. Stanislaus and thank you. By reaching the title game, you've reminded all of us just how strong the people of Bay St. Louis really are.

Someday, artist renderings will be transformed into a vibrant new shopping district. And the Bay will stick out its chest with pride and celebrate, just like the community is doing this week at the Big House.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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