Moss Point Hit & Run Rekindles Painful Memories For Teenager

A hit and run accident involving a Moss Point child struck a nerve with local teenager. On Tuesday five-year-old Jabari Williams was hit by a car while riding his bicycle. The driver left the scene. Back in January, Moss Point teen J.J. McCorvey was also the victim of a hit and run driver. He told Danielle Thomas how the latest incident has re-ignited some painful memories. He says for months he tried to sort out his feelings about the hit and run driver who left him on the side of a Moss Point street.

"I don't have any anger towards the situation. I don't have anger towards that person," said J.J. "I'm at peace with the whole thing so hey, live your life."

Fortunately J.J. says his health is much better since we first introduced you to the 17 year-old as he recuperated in a Pascagoula hospital. Then this week the McCorveys heard there had been another hit and run in Moss Point. This time the victim was a five year old boy also nicknamed "J.J."

"I just thought about him laying there in the hospital bed with all his family gathered around him like mine were and I could just empathize with them with what they're going through," said J.J. McCorvey.

"It's just hard to believe that someone would actually hit another child and leave the scene like that," said Veronica McCorvey, J.J.'s mother.

JJ and his mother say have this advice for the other family in their situation.

"that God allows certain things to happen for a reason and just keep faith in him that he's gonna bring you out and your gonna see that after it's all over," said J.J.

Although the person who hit J.J. McCorvey has not been found that is not the case with five year old Jabari Williams. Police have charged 21 year-old Anthony Armstead of Moss Point in connection with Tuesday's hit and run.

We talked with the grandmother of Jabari Williams on Sunday. She says the boy had gone into a coma at Singing River Hospital but is now doing well and is eating and talking.