Conquest's Arrival Delayed By Bad Weather

High winds and low waters kept the Carnival Conquest cruise ship from pulling into the Port of Gulfport on time Sunday. The ship usually arrives at the port at about 4:30 a.m. on Sundays. This weekend, the ship was about eight hours behind schedule pulling into port, arriving after noon. Boarding and the trip back out to sea was stalled a few hours, too.

Some people said they were not pleased that the ship was running behind, but one family didn't let the ship's delay damp their enthusiasm. The Goodson family met in Gulfport Sunday morning. They spent more time on land than they had expected, but said they would make the most of the situation. Some family members ate at restaurants near the port, others headed to the casinos.

"It's been kind of a mess but we're looking forward to having fun. Keeping a positive outlook...that's all we can do," said Chris Goodson.

"Everything's going wrong right now, but it will all come together we'll have a good time," James Goodson said.

The ship has been docking in Gulfport for four weeks. Low lying power lines and high waters of the Mississippi River at the Port of Gulfport forced the ship to have to dock elsewhere. The Conquest will be docking at the Port of Gulfport for the next two weeks. Many people would like to see a cruise ship dock permanently at the Port of Gulfport. One of the questions has been can Gulfport handle a cruise ship and the trafic it would bring. Sunday's delay put the question to the test.

"When the plan was put into place, we understood that there were weather climates that we would have to take into consideration that may delay the boat," said Sgt. Alfred Sexton of the Gulfport Police Department. "The boat's been delayed just a little bit. We have that plan in place. It's working."