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Local officer in America’s Most Wanted Competition

By Sylvia Hall – bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Moss Point Corporal Lancen Shipman never knows when a typical day on the job will turn dangerous.

"When I put on this uniform and walk out the door, it could be my last time," said Shipman.  "And that's like it is for any officer."

Like his fellow officers, Shipman has put himself in harms way many times.  He wears a medal of valor for placing his body under an SUV to rescue a man pinned inside it.  In 2009, Shipman received another honor for running into a burning home with another officer to rescue an elderly man trapped inside. Shipman said he was sent to the hospital for smoke inhalation shortly after the rescue.

"Sometimes you don't get a lot of thanks for it, and there's a lot of dangerous things that you do," said Shipman.  "And it's definitely a rewarding job."

Shipman's efforts have gotten the attention of America's Most Wanted's All Star competition.  As an official nominee, he's listed among pages and pages of heroic first responders, all in the running to be named America's Most Wanted's 2010 All-Star.

"Just being nominated is a really good honor," Shipman said.

Now, he's depending on votes from the public to be named a finalist.  Click here to read more and vote for Corporal Lancen Shipman.  The website rules say everyone is allowed to vote once per day, every day of the week.

The website said votes are calculated in week-long intervals, beginning on Mondays.  Each week, the nominee with the most votes will become a finalist until eight are chosen.  The public will vote on the finalists to decide the winner.  The winner receives $10,000 and two tickets and transportation to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series in Charlotte, NC, among other prizes.  

Shipman said he wants to win, but even more, he feels honored to wear a law enforcement badge and walk among the ranks of first responders nationwide. 

"What I've done is just a drop in the bucket from what every officer across the nation does on a daily basis and doesn't even get realized- recognized for it."

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