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Climate change discussion sparks questions about politics

By Ashley Conroy

JACKSON, MS (WLOX) - President of the National Wildlife Federation, Larry Schweiger held a forum at Millsaps College in Jackson Friday about the need to act now about climate change. He wrote a book titled "Last Chance" and said it's a fitting description for what faces policy makers in Washington.

"It is that last moment that we have to change our energy direction," Schweiger said.

Those who attended his forum Friday agree with Schweiger and worry some are choosing to ignore the research.

"I think that people in general don't see what's going on," said student Lizzie Wright after purchasing Schweiger book.

Others say the issue of global warming is centered around politics and media hype.

"If you're preconceived to think that global warming is a liberal cause, it's a political issue, then you may be more inclined to discount it," said Computer Science Professor William Bares.

"People who are more conservative listen to the more conservative politicians," Wright said.

As for Schweiger, he said lawmakers must agree to invest in clean energy.

"It's more about getting a policy change in Washington, we need an oil change in Washington."

Though Schweiger believes it isn't an issue of politics, but rather facts.

"It's time to move away from dirty fuels and move away from foreign nations for dependency."

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