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Dave's Blog: Hey Brett, one more year

By David Elliott – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Alright Who Dat Nation, I think I've waited long enough to write this blog. I think I've given the New Orleans' Saints enough time to bask in the glory of a Super Bowl Championship.

What a sensational season it was. Way to finish strong.

When you grow up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, as I did, the Minnesota Vikings are the biggest game in town. Just as the Saints are in this neck of the woods. When I was a kid, I had posters of my favorite Viking players on the wall. I went to dozens of games at Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington.

Many of those Sunday games in December at the old Met, by the way, made the frozen tundra of Lambeau field look like a summer picnic.

I'll bring this stroll down memory lane to a close and cut right to the chase. Here's my letter to Brett Favre.

Dear Brett,

If you're reading this at your estate in Hattiesburg, I have six words for you: Come back for one more season.

Go ahead and let Minnesota Viking fans twist in the wind while you decide. Just come back. Go ahead and make Brett Favre fans wait and wonder. Just come back. Wait until the final pre-season game if you want to. Just make sure that number 4 jersey is back on the field next year.

Some people disagree with me on this, but I think your infamous indecision in recent years over whether or not to retire actually strengthens the Brett Favre legend. And look how you've parlayed that "will I or won't I play" drama into some pretty funny TV ads.

Let's review the 2009 season. You led the Vikings on a magical journey turning in one of the best performances in your storied career. Then you and the Vikings demolish the Dallas Cowboys in the divisional play-off round.

Suddenly it's game on. You're the Brett Favre of old, top of the world and steaming towards a chance to take your legacy to the next level.

NFC Championship Game. Louisiana Superdome. I love the Saints, but here's where I might make my many Saints friends mad.

Brett, you had that game. It was there for the taking. 5 turnovers? C'mon man! A 12 men in the huddle penalty on the Saints' 30 yard line with 30 seconds to play in a 28-28 game? 'C'mon man!

I'll even overlook your against the body, to the middle of the field interception on what turned out to be the Vikings' final offensive play of the season, because you are Brett Favre. That was a do or die gunslinger move.

I know in your heart you do not want that to be the last throw in your future Hall of Fame career.

I know you were mauled by the Saints defense, including, by my count four cheap shots. (Sorry Saints fans.)

America remembers seeing you get off the stretcher, grab your helmet and run back onto the turf. It's time to climb off that John Deere, grab your helmet and come back for one more season.

This week Viking coach Brad Childress said, "Take your time to make a decision." Childress added that he's content with either Sage Rosenfels or Tavaris Jackson at quarterback. Really!

This Viking fan is not content with Jackson of Rosenfels. I want to see number 4 out there.

C'mon Brett. One more time.

The Minnesota Vikings need it. The NFL needs it. And I'm sure you need it.   

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