Flag Flies At Half Staff To Honor Childers

A Marine recruiter read from Governor Ronnie Musgrove's proclamation declaring this day Shane Childers day. Other words of praise and sorrow were written in letters from Congressman Gene Taylor and Senators Thad Cochran and Trent Lott.

"He was a brave young man who lost his life while in the service of his country and while defending the freedom that God had intended for all the people of this world. Lt. Childers served his country proudly and his bravery under fire will never be forgotten. And our country is fortunate to have had the service of such a dedicated patriot guarding her freedom," wrote Mississippi's Congressional delegates.

After the letters were read, the American flag was lowered to half staff, as a student played Taps.

Seniors Denver Carlson and Matthew Dedual have signed up to join the Marines. Carlson says no one thought the death of one of their own would bring the war home.

"That's kinda hard to imagine but that's one of the things that goes along with enlistin' in the military. You take what you get and if you happen to lose your life at least you gave it to somethin," Carlson said.

"It's very sad for anyone to lose their life but I'm glad we had people like him over there fightin' to keep the freedom of our country," Dedual said.

The students didn't know Shane Childers, but they say they appreciate and respect the sacrifice he gave for his country.

"I have a lot of prayers for his family because I can just imagine what they're going through to have their son go over and fight somethin' and not be able to come home," junior Shanae Franklin said.

"There are a lot of people dyin' right now and to recognize not only Shane Childers, it was like they were representing all of our soldiers that are dying and it was really touching," 10th grader Lucci Chambless said.

Shane Childers was a second lieutenant in the Marines. He will be buried next Tuesday in Wyoming.