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Construction starts soon on historic Church of the Redeemer

By Trang Pham-Bui – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) – The property is being cleared on Popp's Ferry Road, the home of the new Episcopal Church of the Redeemer.  In about two weeks, construction is expected to begin.

"Just hearing that news has been very invigorating to the congregation, to finally for two and a half to three years, it's been wait, wait, wait," said Rev. Harold Roberts.  "Most of us have gotten pretty frustrated waiting for the time for it to begin. Now, I think we see the light."

Fr. Harold Roberts points to several reasons for the delay.  The church had to find ways to get water to the site.  And it took a while to tweak the designs.

Finally, the congregation came up with a church that's reminiscent of the one that was destroyed by Hurricane Camille.

"It sort of dawned on us that if you're going to build a bell tower, why not integrate it into a building design that we already had?  When we did that, we found it looking an awful lot like the church of 1891," said Fr. Roberts

The new house of worship replaces the beachfront church in Biloxi that was wiped away by Katrina.  Its familiar look can also bring a sense of healing. 

"As we are able to move on with our life or recapture some of the things that we lost, even though they can't be the same, there's a sense of bringing some closure to it," said Fr. Roberts.

The church should be ready by January of 2011. However, Fr. Roberts said if all goes well, the congregation may get to have service in the new church this Thanksgiving.

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