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Moss Point man still furious over litter

By Sylvia Hall – bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) – One Moss Point man says litter on his street has reached intolerable levels.  He says people dump their garbage just yards from his house and it's never cleaned up. 

Richard Hershey has lived on Orange Grove Road in Moss Point for 40 years.  He said Katrina's aftermath brought a nasty habit to the area.

Old furniture, tires and garbage are piled up under the Highway 63 overpass and in several other pockets along the road, just yards away from Hershey's home.

"These people don't care," said Hershey of the people who dump there.  "And that's not good.  People should care about their property or other people's property and not destroy it like they're doing."

He first called WLOX about the litter problem more than a year ago.  He said the city cleaned up the street after our story but as time went by, the trash piled up again.

"I've got my property clean, and the city's got property that they don't keep clean," said Hershey.

Mayor Aneice Liddell opted out of an on camera interview but she did tell WLOX the city has cleaned the road multiple times.  The area's alderman, Sherwood Bradford, said he knows the area is a constant problem spot for litter.  He said the city has cleaned the area several times since he took office, and he wants to find a more permanent solution, like acquiring grant funds to install video cameras in the area.

Still, Hershey said he hasn't noticed a formidable effort get the garbage up.

"They don't do anything about it," said Hershey.  "They should come by at least once a week and check it out, pick the stuff up, but they don't do it."

Hershey said he hopes the city of Moss Point and his fellow residents will pay close attention to the problem he has to see every day.

"If I had the legs where I could get that stuff up, I think I'd take it down and dump it in the mayor's office because they won't do anything about it," said Hershey.  "I think that's what needs to be done."

Hershey said he often sees children playing in the areas where the garbage piles up.  He wants the city to consider turning the area into a park.

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